Home Health Services

At Wildcat PT Home Health, we are dedicated to helping you lead a healthy, active life. Since the inception of our business, we have been providing our services to the homebound.

Whether you suffer from a chronic condition or are recovering from an injury or surgery, our skilled therapists and nurses will work with you to lessen pain and speed healing and strengthening in the comfort of your home. From knee and hip replacements to those who lead less active lifestyles, we’ve helped many people in the local community.

→ Medicare Certified

→ Medicaid Certified

→ Private Insurance Accepted

→ Kansas Licensed


Wildcat PT Home Health is proud to provide services including:

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps patients regain functional mobility, increase strength, and improve range of motion. Therapists will provide specialized treatment as prescribed by the physician.

Skilled Nursing

Registered nurses provide nursing care treatment and instructions to the patient and family, coordinating with all involved in the patient’s care. The services can include but are not limited to: dressing change, catheter change, supervision of medication, family/patient health teaching, and wound care.

Home Health Aide

Home Health Aides assist the patient with activities of daily living such as bathing, personal hygiene, assisting with home exercise programs, and observing and reporting changes in patient’s condition and needs.

Our staff has extensive experience helping clients recover from conditions including the following:


→ Total Hip or Knee Replacements
→ Age-Related Conditions
→ Fractured Hip
→ Heart Surgery

→ Pulmonary Disease
→ Recent Hospitalization and Loss Of Strength
→ Back Surgery
→ Ankle/Foot Surgery

→ Stroke Rehabilitation
→ Congestive Heart Failure
→ History of Falls
→ Parkinson’s Disease

→ Arthritis
→ Generalized Weakness
→ Wound Care Management
→ Medication Management

Call us at 620-276-4974 and let us help you decide if home health is the right choice for you.